Piloting/User Experience (UX)


  • To gain an in-depth understanding of the actual customer experience of the potential product/service.
  • To gain insights around their decision-making, identify the concept with most potential, and make improvements with regard to the product/service.
  • To get feedback on potential pricing and the most effective communication channels.


  • Pre-test websites.
  • Evaluate e-commerce processes.
  • Study website effectiveness.
  • Test mobile app interaction.
User Experience UX

Ethnos provide various usability testing & pilot studies to analyse the effects of user experience of the potential product, service, mobile app or website


  • Do respondents misunderstand ordering procedures, get stuck and terminate the order?
  • Is on-site promotion going unseen due to banner blindness?
  • Can users be guided to see products/offers of more value to your client?
  • Is the website user- friendly enough to convert visitors into customers?
  • Does the target group correctly understand the mobile tablet app?


  • Consumers take us on their pilot experience using a think-aloud approach to afford us an understanding of what they are doing and thinking beyond simple observation.
  • For some products and categories we place the product in-home so consumers can use and experience the product. We do a pre-placement interview and get consumers to complete diaries and take photographs to describe their usage and experience. After usage, we conduct a detailed final discussion.
  • We use highly trained ethnographers to facilitate the discussion and piloting exercise which they record (audio and visual) and take comprehensive notes of.
  • We take a short video clip of each respondent to provide further insight about the actual experience and perceptions of the core communication target market.


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