In-home Product Testing


  • To gain an in-depth understanding of the actual customer experience with regards to the potential product/service.
  • To gain insights around their decision-making, improvements with regard to the product/service concepts and identify the concept with most potential.
  • To get feedback on potential pricing and the most effective communication channels.


  • Consumers take us on their pilot experience using a “think-aloud” approach to understand what they are doing and thinking.
  • For some products and categories we place the product in-home so consumers can use and experience the product. We do a pre-placement interview and get consumers to complete diaries and take photographs to describe their usage and experience. After usage, we conduct a detailed final discussion.
  • We use highly trained ethnographers to facilitate the discussion and piloting exercise which they record (audio and visual) and take comprehensive notes of.
  • We take a short video clip of each respondent to provide further insight about the actual experience and perceptions of the core communication target market.

in-home product testing

Case study: Next generation product revamp