Customer Value Propositions (CVP)


  • To proactively create Customer Value Propositions that deliver needs-based product/service offerings, ensuring a sustainable competitive advantage and achieving sales and profit objectives:
  • To analyse existing data to provide a holistic consumer segment understanding: market size, geo-demographics, product usage and competitor analysis.
  • To conduct ethnographic research among targeted consumer segments to identify: customer behaviour, needs and unmet needs, customer experience, positioning, decision-making process and journey map.
  • To undertake qualitative and quantitative research to evaluate and gain feedback on the product/service concepts in order to refine and create the most effective value proposition.
  • The viability of the value proposition will then be quantitatively tested and we will forecast the revenue and profit potential.

    Customer Value Propositions


    A report and presentation in PowerPoint with detailed results and findings as well as strategic recommendations will be presented to Management, the contents will include:

    • Market size, global and local market and consumer trends, competitor analysis.
    • Understanding the target market customer vs. competitors (demographics, lifestyle, mindset, media usage).
    • Brand awareness, usage, reasons for not using.
    • Customer needs and unmet needs.
    • Comprehensive customer experience and journey through the decision-making funnel: from realising a need through to awareness, product familiarity, consideration, short-list and purchase.
    • A positioning mind map which clearly illustrates the brand positioning and image with regard to competitors – corporate and product image/associations.
    • Evaluation and feedback on the product/service concepts to create the most effective value proposition.
    • Market potential and viability of the value proposition with revenue and profit forecast.
    • SWOT analysis.
    • Key learning that will improve the customer experience and encourage product uptake to build a sustainable competitive advantage.

    Case study: Delivering a great online banking experience