Customer Needs Analysis


  • To gain a detailed understanding of customer perceptions, customer behaviour, customer experience and decision-making process to identify needs and unmet needs in the market.


  • An ethnographic-style in-depth interview (3-4hrs) with target consumers in their homes.
  • In addition to a semi-structured conversation, we will get the consumers to describe their experiences using a “think-aloud” approach to better understand what they are thinking.
  • We will accompany the consumer to their preferred retail store and they will wear “eye-tracking glasses” for a 100% accurate understanding of their shopping experience.
  • Respondents will be tasked to do some “homework” that will help us to better understand their lives:
    • A picture/photo collage that describes perceptions about the different brands/products they are aware of and use.
    • A self-completion questionnaire which provides feedback on:
      • TV, magazine, newspaper and radio.
      • Sports, hobbies, interests.
  • We use highly trained ethnographers to facilitate the discussion and piloting exercise; and they will record (audio and visual) and take comprehensive notes.
  • We take a short video clip of each consumer to provide further insight about the actual experience and perceptions of the core communication target market. Actionable results with digital photographs/video are clips to clearly communicate feedback.

customer needs analysis

Case study: Understanding the needs of diabetic patients in South Africa