Concept Evaluation



  • To gain insights around all the service/product concepts to understand the “WHY” behind the individual’s behaviour, choices, attitudes and needs – understand motivation.
  • To gain insights around their decision-making, improvements with regard to the product/service concepts and identify the concept with most potential.
  • To get feedback on potential pricing and the most effective communication channels.



  • We recommend conducting focus group discussions with the target market.
  • We can conduct these on an ongoing monthly basis as a customer immersion experience to educate your sales, marketing and advertising teams.
  • Discussions will be held at our research venues (behind a one-way mirror) which the client should attend. All discussions are digitally recorded.
  • Each 90 minute discussion is facilitated by a professional moderator, and will make extensive use of projective techniques and role-play.
  • We also get each respondent to complete a self-completion questionnaire to gain some additional feedback: hobbies and interests, media usage.
  • The output and report will include photos, pictures and audio clips to clearly communicate the consumer feedback.
concept value

Case study: Value-added hospital services