Next generation revamp

Observing consumer behaviour in a non-facility environment  provides a more natural setting, allowing consumers to simply be themselves.

Our Client, one of the world’s leading mobile operators, approached us after the launch of their new product. It had been developed for emerging markets, and had been under-performing in terms of uptake and sales. We were asked to provide recommendations on how to exceed customer expectations with the second generation product.

In order for us to gain the insight we required we conducted in-home ethnographic research with current and potential customers across South Africa. This constituted a detailed initial discussion to evaluate the “out-of-box” and user experience of the first generation product.

Thereafter the second generation concept was given to consumers for a period of two weeks to assess the overall appeal of the new product and evaluate the user experience of everyday interaction with the device. Consumers were tasked with completing a detailed diary along with audio-visual feedback.

We then conducted a post-testing discussion with consumers to better understand user behaviour and gain feedback on the second generation experience.

Our research identified crucial consumer solutions to the potential blocking points as well as flaws and missing features that the second generation product incorporated – thus launching with great success.