Concept evaluation of value-added hospital services

Concept evaluations can be used for communication monitoring, communication goals, messages and target groups, and to verify the feasibility of the goals formulated in the concept. This happens before the communication or program is actually carried out so that  modifications may be made prior to the launch.

Our Client is a leading private hospital operator in South Africa and primarily serves the market for privately insured individuals, representing approximately eight million people. They wanted to develop insights and understand how women in the lower-middle income segment without medical insurance think about purchasing maternity services as well as to gain feedback on several value-added services they were considering.

We initially conducted a detailed analysis in order to define and identify the potential target market, quantify actual target market size and do 5 year forecasts.

We undertook the challenging job of recruiting a tightly-defined target market group around the country in areas where our Clients’ hospitals are located and invited them to participate in focus group discussions. The discussions used projective techniques and role-play that helped to provide feedback on access, important features, consumer triggers, planning and purchase decision-making, pricing, competitor analysis, communication and advertising feedback and hooks, SWOT analysis. Detailed verbal and audio-visual descriptions of the concepts were provided to ensure accurate understanding by the target market group.

Most importantly it provided our Client with feedback on the needs, opportunities and optimal concept for the target market segment.