Next generation revamp

Observing consumer behaviour in a non-facility environment  provides a more natural setting, allowing consumers to simply be themselves. Our Client, one of the world’s leading mobile operators, approached us after the launch of their new product. It had been developed for emerging markets, and had been under-performing in terms of uptake and sales. We were

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Insight into the needs of diabetic patients in South Africa

Understanding your customers’ needs is key to providing them with excellent service. Great customer care involves getting to know your customers so well that you can anticipate their needs and exceed their expectations. Ethnographic research enables you to gain emic insight into the lived realities of your customers. Our client, one of the world’s leading

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Concept evaluation of value-added hospital services

Concept evaluations can be used for communication monitoring, communication goals, messages and target groups, and to verify the feasibility of the goals formulated in the concept. This happens before the communication or program is actually carried out so that  modifications may be made prior to the launch. Our Client is a leading private hospital operator in

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